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Open [clips4sale] Defenders of Morality 1080p

Discussion in 'Clips4sale' started by Flash, May 2, 2019.

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    Defenders of Morality 1080p

    From: Primals Custom Videos

    An evangelical/conservative pair of women (EVE and JANET) visit a neighbourhood to warn people about the dangers of pornography. They split up, and EVE visits one home to be greeted by MR DAEMON, who invites her inside. While she waits in the living room, she is slowly corrupted by the mesmerizing, pornographic images insidiously included on the TV’s screen by MR DAEMON. He returns, and completes her corruption into a wanton, sacrilegious whore. Later, JANET visits the home in search of EVE, and her former friend helps corrupt JANET too. JANET and EVE are then dressed in fetish outfits, and service MR DAEMON...

    Length: 67 minutes
    Size: 3038 MB
    Format: MKV
    Resolution: 1920x1080

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