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Open [clips4sale] Spoiled Brats MP4

Discussion in 'Clips4sale' started by Flash, Jan 9, 2019.

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    Spoiled Brats MP4

    From: Orgasm Abuse


    Sisters Naomi and Nika are totally used to getting their way. They are the most spoiled girls at school with sports cars and a big allowance. They never think of consequences and this time the Principal thinks they have gone too far and have suspended them. Well the girls are not going to take this lying down so they break into his office, get his home address, and happen to find some incriminating photos on his laptop. Seems he has been taking some inappropriate pictures of his students. Now the girl have him where they want him and demand that he strip. They are going to treat him like the perve he is and have some fun edging him and humiliating him. They each take turns sitting on his face as they both very slowly stroke and edge him. They make him promise to end their suspension and of course to let them continue to get away with whatever they want.

    18 minutes
    Size: 900 MB
    Format: MP4
    Resolution: 1920x1080

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    Im jumping in the deep end here so please point me in the right direction if Im lost.
    Im a filmmaker and have used FITS data several times before. Please see some examples below.

    I can expand if need be, but to be brief I need to get RA DEC data to lay out FITS tiles automatically in photoshop or something similar.
    I have looked into Montage software but it only produces a flattened FITS file or jpeg, both not what I need.
    My current project is taking FITS data that needs to be correctly laid out in the corrected mosaic arrangement but not flattened into a jpeg/tiff
    I need something equivalent to a photoshop layers file or image sequence with all the fits image data stacked in their correct position and orientation. Im talking about dozens to hundreds of files. I can then make my movie with them.
    Ideally a way to import fits already converted into tiffs with their ra dec header intact and then stacked as a PSD file or tiff sequence.
    Is there something like this already? Or is there a simple way to mosaic RA DEC images without flattening them in one layer?

    thanks a lot


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