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Co-buying conducting rules and procedures

Discussion in 'Rules and Regulations' started by Sirius, Dec 10, 2018.

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    1. Digital products should be purchased directly from their authors or their official representatives. If it is not possible, such purchase must be agreed with administration in advance.
    • "Novice" (must be registered in the club at least one month before organizing and have all his/her contributions paid in full. New members have the right to organize only one co-buying at a time).
    • "Club Member" (have the right to organize up to 3 co-buying simultaneously).
    • "Organizer" (have the right to be in charge of up to 5 co-buying simultaneously).
    • "Moderator" (number of simultaneous co-buying organized by Moderators depends on what other groups this members participate in at the same time and additional team privileges).
    • "Administrator" (have the right to sponsor unlimited numbers of co-buying simultaneously).
    2. Any user, regardless of status, can start a new thread or repeat a previously completed co-buying.
    3. A new thread of co-buying should be created in an appropriate category of the forum’s section for digital products, and maintained according to the Co-buying threads creation rules.​
    4. If a thread’s creator cannot serve as its organizer (due to noncompliance with paragraph 2 or any other reason), an organizer is determined while participants are joining the co-buying. His/her nickname is marked in red in the participants list.
    5. In order to apply for co-buying organizing, you have to become a member first. It is done by clicking "Join" button.

    The "Organize" button becomes available after that. This enables you to submit your application for co-buying organizing.
    organize .png
    6. Requests for organizing by users with "Club Member" status are being pre-moderated and may be refused without explanation.
    7. Only users with "Organizer" status can appoint themselves as organizers for all threads for co-buying with regard to the number of simultaneous co-buying limits.
    • Users with "Moderator" status can appoint themselves as organizers for all threads for co-buying, provided they have "Organizer" status at the same time.
    8. An organizer is fully assigned into his/her status only after his/her nickname is marked in red in the participants list.
    9. Co-buying deadlines are determined by organizer at their discretion. They can be adjusted in the process of participant signup, if it becomes necessary.
    10. Changing original specification/packaging of digital product(s) is not allowed in an ongoing co-buying. An organizer can offer only the product acquired by him/her personally as a free bonus to the base product of a particular co-buying. Digital products previously purchased through co-buying cannot be offered as a free bonus to the following co-buying.
    11. The key steps in conducting co-buying are described in detail in Organizer’s rights and responsibilities.
    12. Participants can join to the main list of co-buying with "Open" status only. At the same time, participants may leave from co-buying up to the point when an organizer announces the contributions collection start.
    13. The organizer should announce the contributions collection start at least 2 days in advance (but not earlier than 9 days in advance). Such ads are displayed, along with the date, in the co-buying thread, as well as in the announcement rotator in the "Upcoming contributions collections" list under the forum’s heading.
    14. Right after the contributions collection start, the co-buying thread is adjusted to an "Active" status. At this stage, participants who failed to enroll into the co-buying main list, may still enroll into the reserve list up until an organizer suspends the enrollment.
    15. Participants of co-buying (on both main and reserve lists) should pay their contributions within 5 days after payment details receipt. Co-buying organizer should to acknowledge contribution receipt from a participant within 3 days.
    16. If a voluntary membership due is added into a payment, it is 5% of the estimated payment (but not less than $1).
    17. An organizer, who was in charge of a previously completed digital product co-buying, or a regular member who participated in it, are not allowed to organize recurring co-buying.
    18. Recurring co-buying may start only after preceding co-buying are completed.
    19. New users are not allowed to organize recurring co-buying.
    20. Any organizer may be in charge of only one recurring co-buying at the same time.​
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