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Co-buying participation rules and procedures

Discussion in 'Rules and Regulations' started by Sirius, Dec 10, 2018.

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    1. Any user can participate in any co-buying, unless they are in "Penalized" or "Banned" status.
    2. Participants may join to the main list only when the co-buying thread has "Open" status.
    3. In co-buying at “Open” stage, the price of a digital product should be displayed, along with a calculated contribution cost based on the current participants number within the main list.
    4. You may leave co-buying only until the contributions collection starts (at “Open” stage).
    5. Reserve list participants take part in an co-buying on the same basis as the main list participants. Their contributions are used by the co-buying organizer to fill a possible shortage of funds in the course of this co-buying.
    6. In co-buying threads it is strictly forbidden to:
    • Place provocative messages aimed to mislead club members. It is prohibited to express opinions not based on your own practical experiences.
    • Discuss the process of acquisition and distribution of acquired digital products and provoke the co-buying organizer with such questions (including personal conversation within co-buying).
    • Place pointless messages, which contain no useful information, such as "join request", "+1", "Up", "LOL", "More" etc.
    • Send spam, flooding, and provocations in any form. Your account may be blocked immediately and irrevocably for such violations.
    • Discuss any questions related to hacking and protection of digital products.
    • Indicate any contact details other than links to an author’s selling website in the first thread posting or any contributions payment details (accounts) of this particular co-buying organizer in any other section than “Payment details” conversation.
    • Provoke disruption or disrupt by any means on-going co-buying.
    7. After payments collection start date occurs, on “Active” stage co-buying organizer sends payment details to all participants. Private conversation with payment details is also available to all participants in an co-buying thread through "Payment details" button.
    • When joining either a main or reserve list, each participant agrees to pay his/her contribution within 5 days of payment details receipt.
    • When paying your contribution, a reference note attached to payment should be exactly the same as one specified by an organizer.
    8. An organizer marks all participants who paid their payment (in the list they are highlighted in green). After the digital product is acquired, an organizer provides participants with access to the product.
    9. You should notify your organizer about your payment only if he/she requests that specifically.
    10. After access to an acquired product is provided to paying participants, new participants can no longer join the reserve list.
    11. Only users with "Club Member" status or higher can join reserve list after co-buying are completed (co-buying in "Finished" status), if these co-buying are not suspended by their organizers. The contribution cost for a completed co-buying is double the cost of the original.
    12. Participants who fail to pay their contributions once are assigned a "Reservist" status and can participate in co-buying only within reserve list.
    13. After a second failure to pay a co-buying contribution, participants are placed into a blacklist and lose their right to participate in co-buying.
    14. Payment delay or any payment after its due date by any main or reserve lists participants should be discussed and agreed upon with the co-buying organizer. If a notice about delay is not provided by any participant, he/she runs the risk of being assigned a "Reservist" status or placed on a blacklist.
    15. A paid contributions refund to participants only occurs if co-buying did not take place or a product’s author did not receive payment. In any other cases, a paid contributions refund to participants is not possible.​
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