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Co-buying threads creation rules

Discussion in 'Rules and Regulations' started by Sirius, Dec 9, 2018.

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  1. Sirius

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    When a new thread for group’s co-buying is added, it is necessary to specify the following information:

    1. Product’s name in the headline of a new thread. It should match the name of a digital product or reflect its essence and the main benefit.
    Important. It is forbidden to use ALL CAPITAL LETTERS in the headline or such words and expressions such as "Urgent," "Important," etc.
    Important. In case of repeated co-buying headline it must include [Repeated] mark.
    2. Product’s name and full name of its author should be at the beginning of the first message.
    3. The digital product’s graphic cover (optional).
    Important. Any image should be pre-loaded onto image hosting service or forum using "Upload file" button in the adding thread options.
    4. Brief description of key benefits.
    5. In case of detailed description publishing, it should be placed under spoiler (SPOILER).
    6. Link to a selling website (conceal under HIDE).
    Important. It is prohibited to conceal a digital product’s description under HIDE. Only link to a selling website and links to any other external resources can be concealed.
    7. Tags in the form of keywords, which reflect the purpose of a digital product and relate to other co-buying.
    8. The digital product’s price (if price is unknown at the current moment – it should be indicated).
    9. The thread author’s own comments should be marked by a special font different from the description of a digital product.
    10. Any external link must be placed in HIDE
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