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Discussion in 'Rules and Regulations' started by Sirius, Dec 9, 2018.

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    1. «E2BSTORE» forum is organized as a not-for-profit club «EASY 2 BUY STORE» (hereinafter «E2BSTORE» club).
    2. «E2BSTORE» club exists only online. It is not a legal entity and does not operate in any country.
    3. The main purpose of the club is to help its members to buy easy and cheap different types of digital content such as video clips, music, subscriptions for paid resources, etc for personal use.
    4. The main purpose of the club is realized through the group’s co-buying of digital products, trying them out, producing personal reviews and ratings, and conducting discussions about authors and their products.
    5. All products purchased through the club are owned collectively by all club members. They can be used solely for personal and non-commercial purposes, similar to the usage of a library.
    6. The club’s library consists of home libraries of all club members.
    7. None of the digital products purchased through the group’s co-buying is being stored at the club’s forum. Each member can access them individually based on a library usage principle and mutual consultation.
    8. «E2BSTORE» club provides its members with technical and informational resources to realize the club’s main purpose and supply information about opportunities available for club members.
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