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Organizer’s rights and responsibilities

Discussion in 'Rules and Regulations' started by Sirius, Dec 10, 2018.

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    1. An organizer is responsible for:

    1.1. Maintaining a thread’s contents in accordance with the Co-buying threads creation rules.
    1.2. Complying with Co-buying conducting rules and procedures and observing maintenance of Co-buying participation rules and procedures by participants.
    1.3. Informing club members about co-payments collection starting no later than two days in advance (but no earlier than 9 days in advance). An announcement is made by clicking "Payment collection date" button and setting an appropriate due date.
    1.4. Sending payment instructions to all participants by clicking “Payment details” button at the co-payments collection start date. It is prohibited to indicate payment details/accounts anywhere other than in payment details conversation.
    payment_details.png payment_details_2.png
    1.5. Collecting participants’ co-payments, purchasing digital product, and providing access for participating members to the purchased product through the "Product details" button.
    product_details.png product_details_2.png
    1.6. Marking participating members within 3 days of their payment receipt (using "Payment table" or through "Select action" dropdown).
    1.7. Finalizing the collection of co-payments within 5 days after granting access to the product to participants who paid for it.
    1.8. Submitting a personal report at the co-buying completion date.
    1.9. Maintaining access to the purchased digital product for at least 14 days following purchase completion date.
    1.10. Transferring voluntary donation (if it is enabled) and all members’ payments surpluses (in any) into the club’s activities maintenance fund within one day following the date of the report submission. This amount is determined by paragraph 16 of Co-buying conducting rules and procedures. It is added into participants’ contributions.​

    2. An organizer has the following rights:

    2.1. An organizer with a "Novice" status, organizing the co-buying, has the right to get digital products in question for free. Contributions for co-buying are being automatically calculated in such a way, that an organizer does not have to pay or account for his/her contribution.
    2.2. An organizer with a "Club Member" status, organizing the co-buying, has the right to get digital products in question for free plus a remuneration of $2.
    2.3. An organizer with "Organizer" status, organizing the co-buying, has the right to get digital products in question for free plus a remuneration of $2 and 25% of reserve contributions remaining after the course of this co-buying.
    2.4. An organizer has the right to keep this status after "completion" of his/her co-buying (regardless of statuses indicated in paragraphs 1-3) and be entitled to 50% of club members’ contributions. In order to maintain this status an organizer has to click the "Allow additional buying" button after his/her report submission.
    2.5. Only users with status "Club Member" or higher have the right to participate in "Completed" co-buying, if it is not suspended by its organizer. Contribution cost for completed co-buying is double its original cost.​

    3. Organizers, who do not fulfill their responsibilities, comply with procedures and reports’ submission deadlines, may lose their right to organize co-buying and even participate in them.
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